UtiliSuite enables utilities to invest in today’s technology

And leverage this investment
As their requirements grow

Ready to use suite of GIS related applications developed for utilities. UtiliSuite’s architecture provides utilities with the flexibility to implement a single UtiliSuite application for a single user, and when demand warrants, provide additional applications for any number of users throughout the enterprise.

Provides ready to use GIS solutions for utilities

Standalone applications that map and model a utility’s network infrastructure


GIS application that maps and models the physical characteristics of a utility’s telecom network


An add-on application to UtiliTrak that integrates a utility’s staking process within a GIS


Mobile app for field personnel to access and update information about their utility’s network infrastructure


UtiliSuite GIS and Engineering

  • Provides ready to use GIS solutions for utilities
  • Maps and models a utility’s network infrastructure (Electric, Gas, Water, Wastewater, and Fiber)
  • Enterprise solution with architecture and licensing that enables utility-wide access
  • Open platform that integrates with other applications through a variety of interfaces (Google Maps, CIS, MultiSpeak for AMI, Engineering Analysis, OMS and Work Management, Data export to Excel and Access, and so many more!)
  • Field deployable on laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • Keep network infrastructure information up to date thru integrated staking process