As a GIS application UtiliCom maps and models the physical characteristics of a utility’s telecom network with a focus on:

  • Fiber optic networks
  • Inside plant
  • Maps and models fiber optic networks and inside plant
  • View utility networks from UtiliTrak in UtiliCom
  • Network traces at both the cable and port/fiber level
  • OTDR traces based on distance
  • Identifies individual ports/fibers in use by assigning them to a circuit with a named customer
  • Employs a data-driven equipment specification catalogue

UtiliCom integrates with UtiliTrak so a utility with both applications can view its utility networks from UtiliTrak along with its telecom network. For fiber optic networks UtiliCom keeps track of information at the port/fiber level which enables network traces at both the cable and fiber level. Network trace options include the ability to trace an entire circuit from port to port or run an OTDR trace based on distance.UtiliCom helps manage fiber service issues, resource utilization and the leasing of dark fibers by managing the details for provisioned circuits and providing two ways to view circuit information. One view displays the network components that make up a selected circuit, and the other view displays the circuits routed over a selected network component along with the component’s circuit count and capacity.