As a GIS application UtiliTrak maps and models the following utility networks:

  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Wastewater

UtiliTrak provides utilities with answers to the what and where question, and maps are just one of the ways the answers are delivered. UtiliTrak serves as the data warehouse for a utility’s network infrastructure by storing in one location the data required for utilities to keep track of their infrastructure while providing the necessary interfaces by which data is received from and shared with other applications. UtiliTrak uses a variety of tools, including an interactive query tool, which transforms the data managed by UtiliTrak into information utilities can use.

Customers are an integral part of a utility’s network, thus the significance of UtiliTrak’s customer information interface that connects utility customers from a utility’s customer information system (CIS) to the electric, gas and water networks in UtiliTrak. Integration with CIS provides UtiliTrak with basic customer, meter and usage information. With UtiliTrak’s customer information interface a customer is linked to a mapped service location one time using the customer’s account number or meter number. After that link is established any changes made in the CIS are migrated to UtiliTrak through the customer information interface. UtiliTrak’s customer information interface also provides the ability to locate a customer in UtiliTrak based on the customer selected in CIS and vice versa.

  • Interface for loading GPS data collected during a field inventory
  • View digital photos, scanned images, PDF files and CAD files associated with a particular facility or an inspection of a facility
  • Equipment inventory option to track uninstalled equipment along with mapped equipment
  • Network tracing based on status of switches and valves
  • View as an overlay map data from external files that include Shapefile, DWG/DXF and MrSID formats
  • Track facility inspections and maintenance